Out of alignment

Events of the past few weeks have left me feeling out of alignment with the universe. Or maybe all the change in plans, the disagreements and obstacles are because I’m quite aligned with it all. Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows. It is the old Taoist story of the farmer who loses his horse that comes to mind. Very powerful story of how judging and labeling events as good or bad based on what they seem at the time is pointless.

Life works in mysterious ways. The interconnections are not apparent, and the reasons are not always clear. We can do all the planning we want, but even with that, it’s still merely an illusion of control, predictability and certainty. To go with the flow, to gracefully surrender to the beat of life, and live harmoniously with it, how easy to say, how difficult to ease into it.

Fear prevails, fear of the unknown, fear of the uncertainty. And so we equip ourselves with plans, thinking that we can kick uncertainty out of the picture and orchestrate it all, control everything to the most minute detail; we even think through the risks and plan contingencies to make sure that if there are any slips, we can get back on the Plan. But life has its own plans, and we’re not always privy to them.

Instead of fear maybe it is faith that we need. Faith in the interconnection of it all, faith in the flow of the universe, in knowing that all is okay and events shall unfold as they should when they should. Good luck? Bad luck? It isn’t for us to say.

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