Timeless Memories

“We need to calmly let our earlier memories appear. These are memories of another vibration of perception that is part of our deeper minds, which don’t exist in time as we know it. Such remembering is the act of stepping out of time, as we know it, altogether. It is metaphysical remembering that takes us to a place where what we call time no longer exists, opening us to moments when capacities in us that operate outside of ordinary time come into contact with capacities that operate in causal, mechanical time.”
Jacob Needleman – Time and the Soul

Our dual existence

iphoneography – NikNaz K.

“What matters is this dual existence, this simultaneous existence in oneself of two natures, two nearly equal and honorable impulses: the love of Truth and the Good, and at the same time, the impulse to think critically, logically, and/or the impulse to behave effectively and under the rule of conscience in the world we live in and facing the people we are obliged, by all that is real, to help and care for.”

“I am saying that if we lose all contact with this inner God-element in ourselves – or, if you wish, call it our inner, wordless yearning to serve the Good and know the Truth – if we lose contact with this inner vibration, our thought and our action in the world will take us nowhere. Our thought will lead us either to cynicism or to an absurd overestimation of our mental powers. It will lead us to develop, in an onrushing torrent, inventions in the mind or in the physical world – ideologies or technologies – that, walled off from the impulse toward conscience and truth, can destroy us and our earth. “

“On the other hand, if we lose all contact and respect for the powers and functions of our socially conditioned self, which is also given to us in order that we may become the instruments of love in the widening world of human beings and the world of nature…if we unconsciously retreat into self-centered mysticism or self-willed, blind faith,…[we may] create more evil and harm than any other force in the universe.”

Jacob Needleman in What is God?