My 40th Birthday

As I celebrate a milestone birthday this year, I want to pause, reflect, and say: Thank You. Over the past 40 years you have been part of the moments, the days, the months, and the years that have built on each other to create my life story. You have helped shape my journey and it would have been a different adventure had you not been part of the cast.

I also recognize that with 40 years, I now have friends whom I’ve known for over two decades, few even pushing on to three and some. You are the keepers of my history, and for that I’m immensely grateful.

And so, in celebrating this milestone, I am in turn celebrating all of the cast, all of you, our times together, the moments we’ve shared, the laughter and the tears. Thank you for being part of it, for reminding me of my strengths when times were tough, and for keeping me in check when my ego took hold. For appreciating my idiosyncrasies, loving me as I am, and helping me be true to myself. But also for telling me when I wasn’t being the best I could be, while at the same time reminding me that I am human and allowed to make mistakes. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me in my creative pursuits, for intriguing my curiosity, for all the conversations, and for listening to my endless meandering thoughts, helping me learn and grow. Thank you for showing up and being present. For never ceasing to impress me, inviting me to celebrate your successes with you and for trusting me to be your pillar when you’ve needed help.

You are awesome, and it has been a joy traveling with you on this journey. Thank you for the connection, the magic, and the moments we’ve shared. For being part of what has added up to be 40 great years and for all the different ways you have enriched it.

I am in awe that we are traveling this realm at the same time in the history of the world, and grateful that our short bleeps on this earth have not only overlapped, but that our paths have intersected. When I think about the odds for this to have happened, I really come to appreciate how special this is. That we are now here together, at this time in the history of the world, and that we met and were given the chance to create something together. And I sure hope that together we can continue creating a more loving history, a more generous world, a more peaceful one, one that we’re proud to leave behind for the next generations.

I look forward to writing the next few decades with you, or whatever time I have left.

with much love,

PS. Two years ago, I pulled out the photograph I’ve posted in this entry from one of my childhood albums as a way to remind me of my way in this world before life’s ebb and flows told me what my way should be. The good news is that since I brought little me to the forefront she has regained control and is moving us straight along, well maybe not so straight!