Timeless Memories

“We need to calmly let our earlier memories appear. These are memories of another vibration of perception that is part of our deeper minds, which don’t exist in time as we know it. Such remembering is the act of stepping out of time, as we know it, altogether. It is metaphysical remembering that takes us to a place where what we call time no longer exists, opening us to moments when capacities in us that operate outside of ordinary time come into contact with capacities that operate in causal, mechanical time.”
Jacob Needleman – Time and the Soul

Blue Nights

Dark Night of the Soul – NikNaz K.

I no longer want reminders of what was, what got broken, what got lost, what got wasted. There was a period, a long period, dating from my childhood until quite recently, when I thought I did. A period during which I believed that I could keep people fully present, keep them with me, by preserving their mementos, their things, their totems. The detritus of this misplaced belief now fills the drawers and closets of my apartment in New York…. The objects for which there is no satisfactory resolution….I find many engraved invitations to the weddings of people who are no longer married. I find many mass cards from funerals of people whose faces I no longer remember.In theory these mementos serve to bring back the moment. In fact they serve only to make clear how inadequately  I
appreciated the moment when it was here.

– Joan Didion, Blue Nights