Eternal Echoes

My new series, Eternal Echoes, is about the journey through loss, grief and healing. Throughout our lives we are called to different variations of this journey, some more treacherous than others. Yet all contain the dreary anticipation of the void and the insufferable echoing hole of silence. With each loss, we shed a part of our identity and need time to understand and reconstruct ourselves. The deeper the love for what we have lost, the greater the pain and the more complicated the process of re-emerging.

Inspired by John O’Donohue’s prose and Mary Oliver’s poetry, I look to water and earth to seek solace in this voyage. The paintings in this collection attempt to capture the humbleness and humility that ensues after loss, the graceful beauty of grieving, the tumultuous process of surfacing and the fleeting moments of happiness as we attempt to find our new rhythm.

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