Small Joys

The new series I’ve been working on, Small Joys, has been my attempt to seek and at least momentarily hold on to beacons of light during a year of increased global turbulence. Despite feeling immense despair, by seeking and translating small joys into paintings, I find a way to crawl back to life. It doesn’t matter in what shape, form, or experience they materialize, they’ve have been my safety net, helping replace the inner turmoil with an intense feeling of gratitude and humbleness. They are everywhere, in the play of light, reflections in the water, the invisible threads that bind us – beautiful, fulfilling, and transient. I relish their presence, bask in the joy they bring, and marvel at the love they arouse, recognizing that they are ever-changing.

Small joys anchor us in the beauty of the moment and give us the strength to rise again.


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