Timeless Memories

“We need to calmly let our earlier memories appear. These are memories of another vibration of perception that is part of our deeper minds, which don’t exist in time as we know it. Such remembering is the act of stepping out of time, as we know it, altogether. It is metaphysical remembering that takes us to a place where what we call time no longer exists, opening us to moments when capacities in us that operate outside of ordinary time come into contact with capacities that operate in causal, mechanical time.”
Jacob Needleman – Time and the Soul

Time Warp

Time warp

“Perhaps time moves through us and not us through it…. The past is in us, and not behind us. Things are never over.”

– Tim Winton in The Turning

As the moment unfolds

Kissed by NikNaz K

I have learned
to listen to an internal voice
that seeks to know
what this moment will bring forth for me.
I have not learned
to listen to the voice
that continuously beckons me, wanting to know
what gift I will bring to this moment.

Poem by Margot Bickel, translated from German to Farsi by Ahmad Shamlou. English translation by NikNaz Kahnamoui.

Adjusting to our schedules

nature spin
Nature Spin – NikNaz K.

It is the tension between the internal clocks and the clocks on the wall that causes so much of the stress in today’s world. We have now constructed an entire complex system of schedules, manners, and expectations to which we are trying to adjust ourselves, when in reality it should be the other way around.

– Edward Hall, The Dance of Life

Managing the great river of time

Soul Searching – NikNaz K.

Only fools – fools like us – think we can manage the great river of time. Time flows through us and is spent in our thoughts and feelings and sensations – not only in the external activities of our lives, our dealings, our triumphs and defeats. Only fools imagine they can manage time without mastering the constant inner flow of thought, emotion, and sensation.
– Jacob Needleman in Time and the Soul.