Planning & Project Management
Get the support you need to realize your vision.

I work closely with you and your stakeholders to plan and deliver your project. With a focus on outcomes and outputs, I help you clarify your goals within the broader context, analyze and assess your requirements, activate the team, manage your project and bring it to fruition on schedule and budget.

Facilitation & Training
Harness the intelligence of diverse perspectives.

I design and facilitate engagements that inspire participants from creative idea generation to productive action. While holding a safe space for all participants’ involvement, I ask the challenging questions that surface assumptions and ignite constructive tensions that help shape new opportunities.

Research & Writing
Gain the required knowledge to mobilize your plan.

I conduct qualitative research and environmental scans that provide you a deeper understanding of the internal and external factors influencing your plans. Using various research tools and strategies, I generate, synthesize, analyze, and present information to meet different audience needs.


With over two decades of experience in strategic and operational planning and implementation, I partner with my clients in envisioning and realizing new projects, programs, processes and organizations with a social impact. 

I have worked in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, in various industries and different countries. Known as a results-oriented strategic systems thinker with a strong sense of integrity and an exuberant laugh, I work with mission-driven organizations with a focus on health and higher education. I have an MA in interdisciplinary studies, a Project Management Professional certificate as well as a certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement.

Whether a board orientation, strategic planning workshop, or operational roadmap, I conceptualize each initiative as part of a system and plan strategically for optimum processes, outputs, and outcomes. Committed to co-creating, designing and facilitating participatory processes that tap into the collective intelligence of the team and community,  I partner with other talented individuals and organizations, as required, to deliver your projects.

NikNaz K Facilitator


Client Testimonials

Annette DeFaveri , Executive Director British Columbia Library Association

You were some kind of fantastic today! Wow. Board members talked after the meeting and the chatter was about your presentation. One Board member said she has served on several Boards and has had several Board orientations but none as good as yours!

Peter Odynsky, Recreation Supervisor City of Vancouver

The team was very happy to have come up with strong outcomes and is very appreciative of your ability to keep the flow going and to understand the intent behind their words.

Amanda Gibbs, Principal Public Assembly

It was such a huge gift to have you do this work. It had to be done and without your experience and NVivo, it would have taken me weeks!!

Annastasia Forst, Board Chair LOCO

I've been getting great feedback about Monday's session. Everyone thought you were really strong and they're really happy with the direction you've got us headed in.

Recent Clients

  • Arts Health Network Canada
  • BC Library Association
  • BCIT – Faculty Student Association
  • Britannia Community Services Society
  • Child & Family Research Institute
  • City of Vancouver
  • University of British Columbia - The Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics
  • Simon Fraser University - Community Health Research Institute
  • Pain BC
  • Provincial Digital Library
  • Retirement Concepts
  • Vancouver Division of Family Practice


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